Hiromi Sasano

Born and raised in Japan, I started to play tennis at the age of six and to compete when I was 10. In 1994 I held the title of “All Japan Mixed Doubles” and I was ranked number 771 by the WTA in the singles category. I am a USPTR certified-professional for adults, kids 10 and under, and 11-17 Performance. In 2015 I received the “Women’s Sportsmanship of the year” award from the USTA. Although I always loved tennis, I decided to take a break for over 12 years and became a professional dog and cat groomer and also a poker dealer. I have two boys, Jun and Kai, who also enjoy playing tennis. My passion is not only to play, but also to teach others the fundamentals necessary in order to move to the next level. I am dedicated to helping people of all ages succeed, in both sports and their personal lives. Your success is my success!