Frequently Asked Questions at Balboa Tennis Club
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Q – What do I get for my membership?
A – The ability to reserve a court one week in advance. Singles and doubles reservations are for 1 ½ hr. Back to back reservations are not allowed. Courts are open from 8:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m., Monday – Friday and 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. on weekends. The only day the Club is closed is Christmas Day or in the case of inclement weather. There are 25 lit and well maintained courts. Members have use of the Clubhouse, HD cable TV, lounge (A/C & heat), restrooms, locker rooms with hot showers, ample parking and the facility is fully accessible. Other amenities include two hitting walls, an ice machine and filtered water. Weekly updates are emailed weekly to members.  There is an option to play on Balboa Tennis Club teams/leagues which are sponsored by the United States Tennis Association. All league players must be members of the Club.

Q – Are the memberships refundable or transferrable?
A – Only in the case of military families who are forced to move and illness.

Q – If I get hurt, can I freeze my membership?
A – Yes if you fill out a medical form and get a doctor’s signature.

Q – Who operates the Club?
A – Balboa Tennis Club has a Special Use Permit with the City of San Diego to operate and maintain the Club. No specific tax dollars are used to run the Club, yet the grounds surrounding the Club are maintained by the City of San Diego.

Q – Is there an email list so I can receive regular Club Updates?
A – A Club Update is sent out each week with current club information to members. The signup sheet to receive these updates is located at the reservations desk. BTC’s Facebook page shares the Club Update.

Q -Can I come to the club by myself and find a game?
A -The Club offers an ongoing Doubles Challenge Court where players show up anytime during the day and get involved in a game. The general level is 3.5-4.0. On Saturday and Sunday, the Club also offers an “Ultimate Challenge Court” opportunity for players 4.5 and above, which is a high level doubles competition. Players sign up individually and pair up with the next person in line to challenge the doubles team on the court to one no ad set. Winners may stay for one more challenge on the regular challenge court. Losers can acquire another ticket and get in line again for an additional chance to compete. On the Ultimate Challenge Court, the winners keep playing until they lose.

Q – Can I reserve a court if I’m not a member?
A – No, reserving courts in advance is a privilege of membership.  Non- members and outside guests can purchase a day pass and acquire a court to play if there are courts available. Advanced reservations are a benefit of being a member. Guests are allowed to play with a member after purchasing a day pass at check in.

Q – How can I find matches?
A – The reservation desk attendant has a hard copy of club players who are seeking opponents called Match Finder. This list is also available electronically by request.

Q – I’m a tournament level player. Are there many players at 5.0 or above at the Club?
A – We have over 1625 players of all skill levels from beginners to highly skilled tournament players. The Ultimate Challenge Court on weekends is a good way to meet higher level players and also through the tournaments.

Q – How many balls can you have on the court? Are you allowed to bring in your own ball machine?
A – (4) balls are allowed on courts 5-24. Multiple balls are permitted on Courts 1-4, which are teaching courts and on the stadium court, which is a stand – alone /enclosed court. The Club has a ball machine to rent through HJK Tennis Services. Personal ball machines are prohibited. Call the Pro Shop to set up a time if you want to rent the ball machine.

Q – If my child is a junior and I want to hit with him or her, do I need to buy my child a day pass?
A – Yes every person who plays on the courts needs to have a day pass or be a paid member. They also need to have a signed waiver on file.

Q – What about lessons and clinics?
A – High quality tennis instruction is provided through HJK Tennis Services. See the list of clinics and lesson information by selecting the lesson and clinic tab on the home page. Players do not have to be members of Balboa Tennis Club to take lessons or clinics. Here is the link to reserve a spot in the clinics and set up private lessons: https://app.courtreserve.com/Portal/HJKventures%20LLC

Q – What is the rain policy at the Club?
A – If there are puddles on the court, the Club will close down until the rain subsides. With light rain, players can hit at their own risk.

Q – What if players take the time to squeegee a court and don’t get on at the designated court time.
A – The players are given another half hour to make up for the lost time.

Q – Do you have specific Rules and Regulations for Balboa Tennis Club?
A – Yes they are listed under the ABOUT tab on this website.

Q – Should I know of any rules of tennis etiquette?
A – The United States Tennis Association, (USTA) publishes updated versions of “Friend at Court”, which is the USTA Handbook of Tennis Rules and Regulations. Inside is a chapter called “The Code” which is a player’s guide to fair play and the unwritten rules of tennis. Balboa Tennis Club abides by the rules written in the Code.

Q – How do I get involved in tournaments and leagues?
A – All links to the upcoming year and past year’s tournaments are located under the tournament tab. League captain information is provided under the league tab as well. Balboa Tennis Club houses nearly 30 league teams each year. Captains can be contacted to make preliminary notification if a player wishes to be selected for a team. Captains choose their own players and register through USTA websites. More detailed information is available through the Club Director.

Q – What social events occur at Balboa Tennis Club?
A –   The Club offers Mixed Doubles Socials the first and third Friday of the month. There is also a Turkey Social in November.

Q – Is there an ice machine at the Club?
A – Yes there is an ice machine adjacent to court 10 with a filtered water spout as well. This amenity is for members and guests.

Q – Are lockers available for members and guests?
A – Lockers are offered for members for an annual fee through the reservations desk. Day lockers are not offered at the Club.

Q – Is food available at the Club?
A – Route 6 Café is open seven days a week. They have a separate tab on this website which lists menu and hours of operation.

Q – Is drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes allowed at the Club?
A – Balboa Tennis Club is located in a no alcohol zone (unless you acquire a permit from the City of San Diego) and smoke free environment.

Q – Are dogs allowed on the court?
A – Yes dogs can accompany owners on the court yet must be kept on a leash and quiet at all times. If the dog starts barking, the animal must be removed from the court.

Q – In case of an emergency on the court, how do the players get assistance?
A – Call 911 if there is an immediate emergency. An AED, Automated External Defibrillator is located at the Reservations Desk, as well as trained staff with CPR accreditations.

Q – Is there a “Lost and Found” at Balboa Tennis Club?
A – Lost and Found is located at the Reservations Desk. If you have left something on the court, call the desk and ask the reservation agent to look for the item and label it for you. Items not claimed within three months are donated to San Diego Rescue Mission.

Q – Is BTC available for private tennis parties or corporate tennis events?
A –The BTC Clubhouse is not rented out to the public for private parties.

Q – What volunteer opportunities are available?
A – During tournaments, the Club always need volunteers for the “Tournament Desk”. League team captains and positions on the BTC Board of Directors are all done by volunteers.

Q – How can I help with military charities/ Wounded Warrior Tennis?
A – Contact Tennis Director Geoff Griffin for more information – griffintennis@msn.com

Q – How can I donate money to the Club?
A – All bequests are appreciated as Balboa Tennis Club is a 501C4 non-profit organization. More details are available through the Club Director.

Q – When are the Club board meetings? Are they open to the public?
A –The Balboa Tennis Club Board of Directors meet the third Tuesday of the month. The public is welcome to attend.

Q – Does the Club offer an online reservation system?
A – All members are entitled to use the Your Courts Reservation System. More details available under the ABOUT tab on this website.








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