BTC Regular Challenge Court and
Ultimate Challenge Court

There is always an opportunity to pick up a doubles game at Balboa Tennis Club. 
The BTC Regular Challenge Court is operating daily and gives players as well as guests a chance
to play a game even if they don’t have a partner. On the weekends, the  Club offers the 
Ultimate Challenge Court, which is for players rated 4.5 and better. 
See rules for both by following the links.
Regular Challenge Court                         Ultimate Challenge Court


Several USTA Leagues for “BTC Members Only” are available on weekday mornings and weekend afternoons.
For information, contact Club Director Colleen Clery Ferrell at
For league information in the San Diego area, contact Randie Lettington at

Men’s Doubles Ladder

Men’s Doubles Ladder – Contact  Tony Perez for additional information –

Click here to see the Men’s Ladder Rules

Mixed Doubles Social

Mixed Doubles Social – Contact Linda Olson – – for additional information

Click here to see the FUN Friday Night Mixed Doubles Rules

San Diego Tennis Federation Doubles

San Diego Tennis Federation Doubles – Contact Chris Barrera at for additional information.
San Diego Tennis Federation (SDTF) is San Diego’s organization supporting LGBT tennis enthusiasts and their friends. All LGBT community members, friends, and allies are welcome to join. Membership registration information is available at:
Friday Night Doubles (FND)  is a weekly event of the SDTF that takes place at the Balboa Tennis Club (BTC) from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Non members must pay the BTC day fee to participate. The format is round robin and  players rotate courts. This is an SDTF members only event, but guests are welcome to join  to experience the event prior to making the commitment to join the organization. The weekly sign up form for FND is located in the SDTF newsletter which is sent each Thursday. To join the SDTF newsletter mailing list, go to:
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